Religion Matters

My religion is MY LIFE. It is the direction for the path that I am on. I know who I am and I know where I am going. Having this knowledge helps me know how to live my life. It gives me HUGE peace because I never have to ask myself "Where am I going?" "What's my purpose?" "Who am I?" I have daily comfort because I believe in Jesus Christ. I know he lived on this earth and I know he died for my sins. But I also know he suffered so He could understand my pains, my losses, my sorrows, my sickness, my frustration, my happiness, my joy, and all the emotions and things I will experience in my life. He gets it and He's always there for me. I also know that He was resurrected and that He now lives! I know that if I follow His commandments and strive to be like Him, I can live with Him again.
(Below these video links are links to my "Religion Matters" blog posts)
Here are some links to some things that MATTER to me and have made a difference in my life:

Like I mentioned above, my religion is my life. Here are some of my blog posts about how my faith helps me get through all kinds of days.

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