Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FAMILY MATTERS: In My Dreams-A summer rundown

Wow it's been WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long since I've posted here...(there goes that goal of posting weekly--ha). But with all breaking of goals usually comes a good excuse and here's mine: We had a very busy, crazy, relaxing (do those two go together?), incredible summer. In my dreams my life looks so intentional, so planned, so perfect, but in reality I really don't do any of the things I had originally planned. For example, I had this great dream that my summer was going to be filled with routine, with helping the kids to do daily homework, fun daily (planned) activities, weekly blog posts, and I was going to finish working on my CD and music videos, but instead it didn't quite happen like that--but it was still great!
here's a quick summer rundown (in no particular order):

James started by growing an amazing garden, and then when the veggies were ready he picked them and sold them #proudmommy

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary--I'm truly the happiest I've ever been.

Jake and I were called as a "ma and pa" for our stake pioneer trek

James went to Lego Robotics camp at UVU
We went on many a bike ride
I lost 20 lbs, started feeling better, and became a health coach .

Jake lost 25 lbs too (isn't he so handsome--love that man)

I went to national convention in Orlando FL (all by myself, met Dr. A, along with new friends for life-woot)

Jake and the kids and Alyssa  went hiking up Sundance to the waterfall

We went swimming, and played in the water A LOT (favorite summer activity)


The kids even took private swim lessons

We stayed at a beautiful Park City resort

We went to Idaho to visit family

We had family come and visit us (several times #lovemyfamily)

My brother got married (and so did 3 of our cousins)

We went camping for the first time as a family (and it was a success)

We had two nannies this summer, my darling sister Alyssa took the first half of the summer, and our nanny Lauren (who is really like a sister to me) came back for the second half to nanny for us again this summer.

We prepared our home, took pictures, and listed it (ourselves) for sale.

Within the first week, we showed it 9 times, got 4 offers and and were under contract--(it was chaos crazy--).

This is our shocked and surprised "whoa" face at how fast it all happened. :)

We made an offer-and went under contract on our dream home--a fixer upper farm house--yahoo!

We celebrated the 4th of July watching the hot air ballons go up and having a BBQ with my family, and the 24th of July (a Utah holiday) where we had our last annual pancake breakfast.

Shelby got her hair cut for the first time (doll face)

We played a lot of Legos,

Jumped on our new trampoline

Visited with our dear friends from Idaho

Moved out of our home and into the farmhouse

Got ready for school

Then went out with a bang at "Starvation reservoir" with my family (where we did NOT "starve" ha)

We worked hard and played hard. It was a truly fun, and filled up with family summer. But, I also gave a lot of thought to my parenting techniques, and to the purpose of my life. I thought deeply on emotional triggers and started to eliminate the "extra fluff" that was taking over my life. I started being more intentional, and really thinking about what my goals and dreams are and how I want to achieve them. But, one of the biggest things was the decision my husband and I made to sell our home and buy a "fixer upper" on an acre. We didn't move very far (just around the corner-literally). But it is our dream home. We envision raising all our children here and growing closer together as a family. There are a hundred reasons why we knew this was the best decision for our family but the most important one is that we felt guided by our Heavenly Father and we felt strongly that buying this new "older" home was what we were supposed to do. So this morning we signed papers and said goodbye to our brand new beautiful craftsman, and walked down the street to our new "Hydrangea House" (that's the name I gave it). We have a lot of work to do--and I'll share some of my design boards soon--but we're not in any particular hurry since we hope and expect to be here for many, many years. I hope to have more children here, and fill this home with the sounds of all their little feet, laughter, dreams and personalities. I can close my eyes and just hear it. Life looked beautiful in my dreams but it looks even better in real life.
#can't wait #so blessed

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