Monday, July 20, 2015

LIFE LESSONS: Convention and Living with Intention

Now that I'm a health coach I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Orlando Florida for National Convention (this is my nervous/excited face).

I've never really traveled on my own (I was a tad bit nervous) and I've never left my husband and kids for more than 15 hours. So this was a whole new world for me. I hate flying (and driving for that matter) I have to take Dramamine and chew gum like a cow and try not to throw up (not to mention the severe anxiety I feel) ...don't get me wrong I love to travel to new places but I don't like getting there. All that said I am really grateful for modern day conveniences (like airplanes) because this opportunity would have never come to be.

So I got to listen to some AMAZING people and be inspired to live life more intentionally. I loved the dr panel.

(sorry for the blurred picture--cell picture)
These were doctors who have left their practice to become health coaches because they realized they were able to help more people really get healthy for life. And also because they themselves could start living the lives they had always wanted to live too. AMAZING and so inspiring and eye opening.

I tried new things. First by leaving my kids and husband for 3 days and traveling alone, but I went down a free fall slide (peer-pressure really works--ha)

and I held a baby alligator (all with my kids in mind of course--I want them to know their mom is cool, right???).

I also danced like nobody's business until 1:15 in the morning. (sorry no pictures...I was busy dancing). But that was amazing too and I could really feel how I am getting healthy. I could never have danced-- that hard-- for 3 hours straight before 2 months ago.

I met so many amazing people, who are trying to help other people get on the road to optimal health. It was inspiring (and fun) to be around them.

I met one of my awesome roommates at the Orlando airport and didn't realize we had so much in common...besides the fact that we are both crazy,...

we both brought the same swim suit which we had both purchased 3 years ago from Downeast ..we thought that was pretty funny. Small world right?!

I was also reminded that everyone is on their own health journey. We're all at different places and at different understandings of what good health is. But I am always shocked when I hear this:

That's one reason why I decided to Pay it Forward and become a health coach. So I can help people (just like me) get their lives back before it's too late.

All in all, convention was wonderful! Trying new things, meeting amazing people, getting inspired, and catching the vision!  All of this made me love being a health coach even more and I am so grateful that I found this program when I did. I can’t tell you how it’s changing my life.

After I got home I was SOOOOOO excited to see my three little Hams and Mr Hammon. Jake had taken such good care of them and had a great time. They went hiking and swimming and got free slurpies. He was the best! (thanks Babe).

I missed them so much! I couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses. But then I needed to get on the same page with Jake. We scheduled a date where we went to the temple together and then grabbed a (healthy) bite to eat. We talked and talked and talked about our goals for our family, how we want to raise our children in the ever-changing (somewhat frightening) world, how we want our days to look and all the things we want to do daily/weekly/monthly and yearly with our children and each other. We essentially painted a big picture of how we want our lives to go. It was so refreshing and uplifting and inspiring. I am so grateful that now we are no longer on a path quickly spiraling downward or nowhere. But that we are going up, and doing it together. We are living out of intention. We are scheduling, planning, and working hard and playing hard. We’re making time for what matters most and cutting out the unnecessary things. This life isn’t long enough to waste any time, so we are making sure we aren’t making any wasted decisions. Our children and each other are the most important things in this life AND the next. So everything we do needs to be with that in mind. I’ve had an amazing summer, first losing weight and getting on the road to optimal health, then becoming a health coach, then going to convention, then making a plan for the life we want to live: 

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