Monday, June 1, 2015

LIFE LESSONS: Choose Your Hard

I love agency! I'm so grateful I get to be in control of my life. For a long time I felt like my life was just being lived for me and I was on the side lines looking out at the game. I felt like my agency was gone, due to my health. I felt out of control and ached to be the pilot of my life again.
A wonderful woman in my church was teaching our Relief Society (our church's women's group), and she was talking about agency. She mentioned that years ago she had read this quote in a magazine:

When she read this quote, it hit me. I didn't just apply this to my weight (although this was the quote that made me finally decide to take the steps and start the program I'm on now to lose weight) but I applied this to my whole life. For example:

Being a good Mom is hard
Being a bad Mom is hard
Choosing NOT to be a Mom is hard

Getting healthy is hard
Being unhealthy is hard
Staying healthy is hard

Getting up in the morning is hard
Staying up late makes getting up in the morning hard
Not getting up in the morning makes life hard

Being prideful, stubborn, and mean to my husband is hard
Being kind, selfless, and thoughtful to my husband is hard
Being alone is hard

etc, etc, etc,...

Only I have the choice as to how my life goes. I can CHOOSE! No matter what I choose, life is just hard. PERIOD. But if I make the GOOD, HARD choices I will have joy too. So, I decided to be a good. devoted, loving, engaged mom. I decided (long ago) to be a loving, kind, selfless, thoughtful wife. I decided to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. I decided to get healthy, then stay healthy. I decided to lose weight, then maintain it (no matter how many people ridicule me on the way). I'm in the game now. No longer on the sidelines. I'm choosing MY "HARD."

What "hard" will you choose?

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