Thursday, May 7, 2015

FAMILY MATTERS: The "Twins" Night Out

Last Saturday Shelby and I were invited by my soon-to-be sister in-law, Allyse, to go watch her try on wedding dresses. Shelby and I were thrilled! We don't get many opportunities to just hang out with the girls (without all those boys around heeheee). So Shelby and I decided to dress like "twins." We scoured our closets for similar clothing and came up with this:

We had the best time together. Shelby even tried on a few veils.
Darling girl. Yes, she'll be a beautiful bride someday...but I don't want that day to come for a long time.

Then we went to PetSmart to look at cats (we're planning on getting her one soon).

We had a great little time and I just love having a little girl to be my little buddy.

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  1. I love this!!!!! Matching outfits, and fun times together. :-)