Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Today, joy came when I led scripture study (since Mr. Hammon had left early for work) at the breakfast table with all the little Hams and James asked which part he should mark with his scripture marker because he wanted to know which part was true.

Joy came in the hug Shelby gave me as she said "Thank you Mommy for letting me play with my friends and cousins today. It brings joy to my heart. I love you Mommy."

Joy came in watching Max immediately sit down on the floor all by himself, fold his arms and bow his head, when we called for "family prayer." (he sat there for quite a while too, while waiting for the two other little Hams to gather round).

Joy (and a bout of loud laughter) came when I watched Mr. Hammon do "Dance, Dance Revolution" at Nickel City.

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