Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Pin" My Place #5

It's time for--drum roll please....

 "Pin" My Place! (I sound like a talk show host don't I) :)
As I have been organizing all the drawers and such, I got to the master bathroom. I really hate having things on my counter top...because it makes it harder to clean and it takes up room that I could be using when I get ready for the day. So I wanted to get these bathroom "cotton" items off of the counter, and up on the wall.

Since we don't really use that towel rack (...not because we don't wash our hands silly, but because we have 2 other towel racks on the walls nearby) Jake took it down.

And I went to my pins on pinterest.... ;)

Pin: The DIY Playbooks'  mason jar organizer:
(DIY Playbook)
This project was super easy (no need for DIY) because sometime last year I purchased this "wooden plaque with mason jars" from Target:
I had it sitting in my closet waiting for the right idea. After I found this pin I had no doubt. Hubby took off the towel rack, I marked where I wanted this baby hung, and he nailed it in.

Then I got to do the fun part--filling it with all the fun bathroom cotton and then writing with chalk whatever 3 words I felt like. Today it was these:

Tomorrow it might be something else...maybe Jake will want to play along too! He already had some "GREAT" ideas ("zits, gunk, wax") oh how I love that man!

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