Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LIFE LESSONS: Imperfection

I've been following a blog for a while. Have you heard of  Liz Marie? She's amazing!!! Head over to her blog at she's definitely an inspiration to me. She does a lot of DIY and her decorating style is totally mine.
Today she posted about imperfection and an imperfect DIY clock she made--mentioning that she's going through some hard times--
I am a bit of a perfectionist. I don't like long drawn out projects though, so I tend to cut corners and do things quickly (that's why I'm a fan of spray paint), but I still like things to look nice and perfect and I get frustrated when things aren't just so. That doesn't just apply to my DIY projects and home d├ęcor, I'm often impatient and frustrated with my own imperfections.
Liz Marie said something today though that hit me hard. She said

"I’m imperfect & so is this clock, & yet I’m still loved & so is this clock"
I'd also like to add that: she is beautiful and so is this clock. 
I've been going through some difficult things too--aren't we all? This reminded me that it's ok that I'm not perfect yet. God, who made me, knew that I could not be perfect in this life. That's why He sent His Son. But He still loves me, and I'm still beautiful to Him.
So today with that great reminder...that I'm not perfect, but I'm still loved...I'll continue to do the best I can. And there's great beauty and perfection in that.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

HOME MATTERS: 10 Steps to Painting/Distressing Furniture

I was needing a desk for our main floor "command center."
REQUIREMENTS: Something with LOTS OF STORAGE, and pretty to look at too since it would be in our entryway hall.

I found this desk off of a KSL Classifieds listing for $80!!!! It's made out of real wood and had an "interesting" (read: super ugly) marble insert on the desk top. It definitely needed some love and a coat (or 2) of white paint. (sorry for the fuzzy pic--I forgot to take a full BEFORE picture, I was too excited to "make it pretty"---this picture is the one that was on the Classifieds).

Today I am going to show you...

It really isn't that hard to paint and distress furniture. All you need are the right tools:

Don't forget to prepare the space by covering the floor with plastic or a drop cloth

1.) Take the furniture apart as much as possible--remove any drawers or inserts, take off the hardware.

2). Lightly and quickly sand the furniture to give it a less than smooth surface which will provide something for the paint to adhere to.
3). Then clean off any residue so there will not be any bumps under the paint. (Be sure to use painters tape to tape off any areas you do not want to get paint on)

4). Pour your paint  (I used the basic white paint from LOWES) into a painters tray

(Let it be known that if you do not want your desk to distress or to distress it yourself, you would want to prime the desk BEFORE painting. But because I love most of my furniture to be distressed and to distress over time as well,  I do not always prime my furniture pieces).

5). Use the paint roller to get a good amount of paint on the surface and then follow behind with a sponge brush--to get rid of any bumps or drips-and to give it a smoother finish.

6). Paint everything then let it dry and come back later to paint the second coat.
(I was also rather surprised that the paint adhered to the ugly green marble insert---you'd never even know it was there--my Hubby was thoroughly impressed)

7). FOR THE HARDWARE I used Rust-Oleum's  Metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint--you can use any color or finish you like. But be sure to give your hardware two good coats and make sure to get all the sides.

8). IF YOU WANT A DISTRESSED LOOK: After your furniture has been completely painted (usually it takes 2 coats of paint, but some furniture may need more or less depending on whether you used primer) using sand paper or an electric sander, sand the edges and areas where you think the furniture piece might naturally have distressed.(I used an electric sander--it's much faster)

9).  Dust the furniture and put all the pieces back together.

10).  Re-attach the hardware and stand back and say "WOW! I did that!"

Now you get to do the most fun part:  Organizing and decorating it!

What DIY paint projects have you done?
Send me some pictures at

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Pin" My Place #5

It's time for--drum roll please....

 "Pin" My Place! (I sound like a talk show host don't I) :)
As I have been organizing all the drawers and such, I got to the master bathroom. I really hate having things on my counter top...because it makes it harder to clean and it takes up room that I could be using when I get ready for the day. So I wanted to get these bathroom "cotton" items off of the counter, and up on the wall.

Since we don't really use that towel rack (...not because we don't wash our hands silly, but because we have 2 other towel racks on the walls nearby) Jake took it down.

And I went to my pins on pinterest.... ;)

Pin: The DIY Playbooks'  mason jar organizer:
(DIY Playbook)
This project was super easy (no need for DIY) because sometime last year I purchased this "wooden plaque with mason jars" from Target:
I had it sitting in my closet waiting for the right idea. After I found this pin I had no doubt. Hubby took off the towel rack, I marked where I wanted this baby hung, and he nailed it in.

Then I got to do the fun part--filling it with all the fun bathroom cotton and then writing with chalk whatever 3 words I felt like. Today it was these:

Tomorrow it might be something else...maybe Jake will want to play along too! He already had some "GREAT" ideas ("zits, gunk, wax") oh how I love that man!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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