Friday, February 6, 2015

"Pin" My Place #3

It's Friday again (did that week go by fast or was it just me?)

Today I've been thinking about what we're going to work on tomorrow--after all Saturdays are our "Project Days" around here. But then I realized I haven't shown you guys what we have been working on the last few Saturdays (you got a sneak peak but not the whole picture). So today's "Pin" My Place is all about that.

As I have blogged about this year is all about:

Read all about that here

One thing we have been really needing is a good office space. There were specific requirements however:
-It couldn't take up a whole room (we need every square inch of living space in our little home for 5)
-It had to be pretty (because function and beauty go hand-in-hand for me)
-It had to be organized
-It had to be in a central location (so when I am blogging I can be close to the kids, and so when the kids need to use the computer--someday--it's in a place in FULL VIEW)

*We had tried to put the office in the front room, but we really needed that space for our music room. *We tried to put the office in our bedroom and it was an instant romance killer.
*We tried to put it in the playroom but it took up too much valuable play space.
So we thought about it long and hard.....and decided to put it in the hallway :)

yup...the hallway. Our hallways in our home are big and wide. This is nice because it makes our home feel larger, but it can be bad because there is a lot of square footage there that, if we aren't creative, can be a waste of space.
So I set about to find some pins to inspire me. I first looked for wall treatments--after all any space can be prettied up with a good wall treatment right?!

The Pin(s) that inspired this project:

Pin #1: (Los Angeles Times )

Pin #2: (Houzz)

So I showed my Hubby these pins and we went to Lowes to find some ideas. We decided to purchase the 8 foot pine tongue and groove panels. We bought them in singles because we wanted to be able to choose each piece. I purchased some stain, and some trim and went home to begin our project
(diy post coming soon)  :)
After measuring, cutting, staining, and nailing the boards up we needed ideas for our office.
Again I went to Pinterest for inspiration:

After seeing these pins (above) I drew up my own version of what I thought would work:
Then I conversed with my husband, got some of his opinions and ideas, and we set off to Ikea. (we decided it would be quicker to buy something and piece it together than to build it all custom).
Then we came home, put it all together, and I stayed up late making it pretty and organized. It now holds all my craft stuff and scrapbooking supplies.
We still have some wall left to finish...and some picture frames to hang...and a cord to hide--but it's useable and it's so pretty!
What do you think?
Where do you put your home office?
Have a GREAT weekend and...

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  1. I just wrote a longer comment than usual, and the crazy thing wouldn't post it and my tablet wouldn't let me copy and paste. Sorry for no useful comments from me. But this post pin-spired me to stop using just bookshelves. Thanks!