Wednesday, February 25, 2015

UPDATE: Change of Plans

So my original plan was to do "Pin" My Place each Friday...however things we couldn't plan for in life happened, and so my schedule just got EVEN MORE BUSY. So instead of doing "Pin" My Place every Friday I will only do it as I work on the projects. I will still continue posting here every week, but "Pin" My Place will not necessarily be happening weekly but occasionally instead. Thanks for understanding! I love blogging so...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

RELIGION MATTERS: All In God's Hands, In God's Time

I have been wanting to post a while about a couple of things, but life is busy and it seems when it pours. Well it's been "pouring" over at our home, both blessings and trials and I'm just trying to take a deep breath and stay above the water.

One thing that always gets me through these difficult times is knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of me...and not just "aware" but is also watching me, blessing me, encouraging me, and loving me. He loves me (and all of us) so much He gave us a Savior-His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON-

( suffer for not only our sins, but our struggles, our sorrows, our stresses, our trials. We are never alone IF we choose to live close to our Savior Jesus Christ. However, I've been there.. when I felt so alone, and that no one could really understand me, and that's because I was choosing to live away from God, and from my Savior. By praying, studying the scriptures and striving to live the way I know I should, (which is hard and takes time, but what else is time for if not for that?)...doing these things doesn't make the trials go away (by any means) but it makes them easier to bare in a way... because I know it will all be ok, it will all be worth it and I will be blessed someday for all my efforts.
(Simon Dewey)
So today I put my faith in my loving Heavenly Father. Today I give these trials to my Savior. After all, His hands have already carried this burden, so I don't have to anymore.

Today I give this over to God's Hands, and God's time.

Friday, February 13, 2015

"Pin" my Place #4

Today marks another  very quick week for me. I've been working from sun-up to after sun-down this week trying to get our home in "order." It's been a lot of fun...but a lot of hard, long, work. I don't really feel like any one "project" is completed but things are getting organized, sorted, and put away (labels will have to come later).
SIDE NOTE: Thanks to all of you who are following my blog. It sure makes me feel good! I love blogging and this outlet is where my creative self gets to bloom so thanks for stopping by today.
Oh. And BY THE WAY....

With all that said, let's talk about the Pinterest "Pins" I used around my place this week:

This week I have been working on 2 closets (among other things). One closet held all the games, puzzles and learning activity books. IT WAS A MESS! Puzzle pieces were all over the floor, and falling out of the large moving box that we put them in when we moved 21 months ago (shameful I know). Game pieces were falling out of their ripped cardboard boxes...and it was just PITIFUL. So my Hubby built shelves (thanks Honey) in the closets and I began sorting, organizing. I needed to come up with some great storage ideas that currently worked better for both puzzles and games, so...

..I went to Pinterest :)

Pins that inspired me: Game Storage
(Rasing Lemons)
 I LOVE this one because it looks so streamlined! No more weird shaped boxes stacked awkwardly...that no one can really get to without unloading all the other boxes. This system also allows you to just remove one drawer at a time...and they are deep enough to hold most game pieces and accessories. The ONLY 2 problems with this system is once they're all filled there's no more room to buy more games...but that just helps keep down owning too many "things" right? The other problem is that some game boards are long and don't fit in the drawers. But I came up with an idea to remedy this.
I placed the long game board next to the shelving unit that contained it's pieces. Card games were also taken care of as well.
Simple. Done. Now I just need to label those drawers (next week's project).

Next I needed to find puzzle storage.
I loved these 2 pins :

(Counting Coconuts)
(The Navy Stripe)

I went to several stores to find inexpensive pencil pouches, but they were all around $5-$7 EACH, and I couldn't afford didn't want to pay that. The first pin with the plasticware WAS affordable from the Dollar Tree but I didn't have the space. Hmmm, what to do?
So I thought and decided to combine what I liked from both puzzles storage ideas.

I took Ziploc "slider" qt. size bags, a sharpie, and some scissors and set to work.

 I placed puzzle pieces from one puzzle into one baggie. ( I chose the zipper kind because they are easy for kids to unzip and zip  back up--whereas the regular Ziplocs can be tricky for little fingers to reseal.)

If the puzzle was a board puzzle. I wrote a number with the sharpie on the back left hand corner of the board and placed the same coordinating number on the Ziploc bag that held it's pieces.

If the puzzle was just a regular box puzzle I used my scissors to cut out the picture from the box and placed it in the Ziploc with the puzzle pieces. I then wrote the name of the puzzle on the Ziploc bag.

I used a storage bin to hold all of the large puzzle boxes, puzzle boards, and another storage bin to hold all the Ziploc bags.

It's not finished-I still need labels-but at least it's organized!

How do you store your games/puzzles?

Have a happy Valentines day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

"Pin" My Place #3

It's Friday again (did that week go by fast or was it just me?)

Today I've been thinking about what we're going to work on tomorrow--after all Saturdays are our "Project Days" around here. But then I realized I haven't shown you guys what we have been working on the last few Saturdays (you got a sneak peak but not the whole picture). So today's "Pin" My Place is all about that.

As I have blogged about this year is all about:

Read all about that here

One thing we have been really needing is a good office space. There were specific requirements however:
-It couldn't take up a whole room (we need every square inch of living space in our little home for 5)
-It had to be pretty (because function and beauty go hand-in-hand for me)
-It had to be organized
-It had to be in a central location (so when I am blogging I can be close to the kids, and so when the kids need to use the computer--someday--it's in a place in FULL VIEW)

*We had tried to put the office in the front room, but we really needed that space for our music room. *We tried to put the office in our bedroom and it was an instant romance killer.
*We tried to put it in the playroom but it took up too much valuable play space.
So we thought about it long and hard.....and decided to put it in the hallway :)

yup...the hallway. Our hallways in our home are big and wide. This is nice because it makes our home feel larger, but it can be bad because there is a lot of square footage there that, if we aren't creative, can be a waste of space.
So I set about to find some pins to inspire me. I first looked for wall treatments--after all any space can be prettied up with a good wall treatment right?!

The Pin(s) that inspired this project:

Pin #1: (Los Angeles Times )

Pin #2: (Houzz)

So I showed my Hubby these pins and we went to Lowes to find some ideas. We decided to purchase the 8 foot pine tongue and groove panels. We bought them in singles because we wanted to be able to choose each piece. I purchased some stain, and some trim and went home to begin our project
(diy post coming soon)  :)
After measuring, cutting, staining, and nailing the boards up we needed ideas for our office.
Again I went to Pinterest for inspiration:

After seeing these pins (above) I drew up my own version of what I thought would work:
Then I conversed with my husband, got some of his opinions and ideas, and we set off to Ikea. (we decided it would be quicker to buy something and piece it together than to build it all custom).
Then we came home, put it all together, and I stayed up late making it pretty and organized. It now holds all my craft stuff and scrapbooking supplies.
We still have some wall left to finish...and some picture frames to hang...and a cord to hide--but it's useable and it's so pretty!
What do you think?
Where do you put your home office?
Have a GREAT weekend and...