Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOME MATTERS: Where are you Christmas

Well there's no question about where Christmas is at our house.
The day after Thanksgiving we (I mean my hubby) hauled box after box up from the crawl space.
Where I then began to unwrap and rediscover all the fun Christmas decorations.
Some brought with them memories...
...others brought to mind the people who had given me the Christmas d├ęcor.

I put on Christmas music and the kids tore open the box of Christmas movies and instantly decided on watching "The Polar Express" (it has played almost non-stop since).


It took nearly 2 days amidst keeping "M" out of everything and keeping the cat from undoing all Christmas Tree goodness (long frustrated mommy growl).
Hubby put up the Christmas lights--to his own displeasure--but he knew how badly I have wanted them on the house so he set to work to find the best ones and made sure they were exactly what I wanted.
Then he trekked out to Home Depot and purchased all he thought he would need to hang them "just right." (I love that man--it's never ceases to amaze me what a man-- who feels loved--will do for his woman--but that's a blog post for another day).
We got the awesome (used to be alive) wreaths from Home Depot for $5 (yes you heard me right) on Black Friday

...hubby hung those up too--Thanks Babe! (he stood in this superman pose for like a full minute even after I'd finished taking the picture...what a toad, even the neighbors saw, ha, ha--love that man)
So despite no snow due the strange (and lovely) warmer winter weather here in Utah, Christmas HAS arrived here at the Hammon Home.




Looking at the Christmas tree(s) makes me just want to snuggle all up with a mug of hot chocolate
(and if I could drink hot chocolate (on a new health diet) I WOULD be all snuggled up drinking hot chocolate right now).
When do you set up your tree? Do you decorate the same every year?
Send me your pictures at mattersofamodernmom@gmail.com
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful new year!
We'll talk soon
p.s. sorry for the mostly bad photos, I am currently working on fixing my camera settings. But I HAD to get this posting up before Christmas. :)
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  1. Emily, I stopped by and enjoyed your blog. Your home is sooo beautiful and the care and upkeep you do is impressive. (Taking notes over here.) Your family is pretty great too. You were smart to marry one of those hardworking idaho boys. You two seem to make an excellent team. And the girls and I are looking forward to seeing more of your kids soon. Glad to be your neighbor, Stacey

    1. Stacey you're the best! Thanks for stopping by, for leaving such a sweet comment and being a great neighbor and beautiful friend! I am looking forward to all the interactions in the many years to come.