Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HOME MATTERS: Too Many Things at Once

Here at our home we I set a bunch of goals about getting organized and making things both functional and beautiful...and then I began to tackle one project at a time. But, I found that quickly other piles were building up waiting for the next project, until finally I have like 5 REALY BIG projects going on all at once! So I'm really hoping no one stops by in the  next couple weeks because they will probably choke on their gasp when they see the inside of my home...yes it's crazy. truly. no I'm serious!

 I'll even prove it to you...

 (REMINDER: do not choke as you gasp...I'm not responsible for anybody choking...you've been fairly warned.)

Here is our mess:

AWWWWWWWW! I know right?! I'm trying to keep one eye closed as I walk around so I don't go crazy.

Some of the things we're working on are:
                    -a built in desk (but before we can do that we wanted to do
                            a wall treatment behind it).
                    -a wall treatment behind the built-in desk
                    -a built in reading nook in the play room closet
                    -tearing out the closet in the playroom to make room
                             for a reading nook
                    -building an lego/art center in the playroom
                    -painting a wall with chalkboard paint before we can
                              build in the lego/art center
                    -organizing/cleaning/going through/and getting rid of...
                              a bunch of stuff (hence the piles)
                    -putting more storage/shelving in the laundry room
                    -painting the laundry room

See, it's just CRAZY over here! Jake is helping me a lot, because although I love to use power tools, the garage is far from organized and I can't find ANYTHING. So he's got to be here to help, plus he is pretty smart and he thinks of things I wouldn't have thought of that make the project(s) run smoother and actually work out.

Here's a  "sneak peak" at the goodness happening in the upstairs hallway

I'm so excited! It will be so nice to make this home really feel like ours...and that's our real home GOAL this year: Making this house our HOME.
So even though there are WAY too many things going on at once over here, I am putting up with the "craziness" for a bit longer because I know what it's going to look and feel like when it's all done.

What projects have you done (or are doing) that make your house feel like a home?

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