Friday, January 23, 2015

"Pin" My Place #1

It's Friday! And it's time for "Pin My Place!"
What is "Pin" my Place?  you ask
Good question.

So, it's no secret that Pinterest is a happening place! I find myself dreaming up ideas and then trying to explain them to my Hubby and then lo and behold someone else dreamed up my same idea and posted it on Pinterest. So now, not only do I have PROOF that my ideas are not "sooo very crazy"-- because somebody else was daring enough to do it--but I have something visual to show my, very visual, husband.
I have pinned so many things on my boards on Pinterest but have yet to really do any of them. So this year as I writing my new goals (my organizational, home improvement, budgeting, parenting...etc goals) I jumped over onto my boards on Pinterest to remind myself of some of the very great ideas other people have done that have inspired me and thus led to me pinning their ideas.

 As I revisited these pins I realized I had forgotten many of these great ideas so I decided that each Friday, here on my blog, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite pin(s) for the week. Then not only will I post about them, but I will try to attempt some of them and show you my version. Thus, I will be using Pinterest pins to help me around my place. Hence, the title "Pin" My Place We'll see how it goes.
So on various Fridays throughout the year join me for "Pin" My Place!
If you want to do it along with me feel free to comment below and post some of your favorite pins. Or if you've done a pin(s) yourself I'd LOVE to see the ending results.

WHOA, that was a long explanation. Here goes....

This week I gained inspiration from this pin:

PIN #1: Organizing the Linen Closet
putting all your 'eggs' in a basket might be a good idea after all... (or in this case, your hand towels)

If you read my post about my new years mantra you know why this pin was an inspiration to me
I read here on iheart organizing what Jen's pharmacist friend Mellissa said about properly storing medicine:

Mellissa said: "Unfortunately medicine cabinets are not meant to store medicine!!!  I know, they are sized just right for those prescription bottles, so why wouldn’t you keep all of your medication together all nice and neat in your cabinet that is designed to hold medicine?  Because drugs need to be stored in an area where there is low humidity and stable temperature {room temp, never above 77 F} and I don’t know about you, but when I get out of the shower my mirror is foggy.  I wouldn’t even trust the fan in the bathroom.  Drugs will degrade over time and this is going to make them less effective, but storing them properly is key to getting them to keep their effectiveness until the expiration date on the bottle.  Storing them in the bathroom is like putting them through an accelerated degradation process and who wants to take a Tylenol that is only half effective?"\

 I too store my medicine in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. :) But, after reading this I decided to make some "medicinal" changes. So I went searching for pins. The above pin helped me come up with the idea to organize my meds into my hall linen closet.  So now my cute little medicine cabinet has now gone from:

 "unorganized mess of medicine" 

to a "cute nail polish station"

and my linen closet (now locked--so kids can't get in to it) is home to all the medicine properly stored in that clear over the door organizer so I can see them all. I purchased the over-the-door organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% off coupon I got in the mail. So to organize this closet, (I already had all the bins and baskets and contact paper) it cost me only the $12 and change for the over the door hanger. Not bad aye? Thanks Anna for the "Pin"spiration!

Ok! Well that wraps up the first "Pin" My Place.
Let me know what you think and I’d love to know what your favorite pins are that you've done/or are working on in your place.

p.s. Check back next Friday. I'll be posting about a pin that has helped me with our laundry situation :)


  1. LOVE this! You do not cease to amaze me, with your vision and your motivation and your dreams. I love hearing about your dreams and plans. Organization looks awesome. Now come and help me with mine... :)
    -Beth :)

    1. Thanks Beth! I'm a dreamer that's for sure! I'd love to help you however you want me to. Just tell me when :)