Friday, January 30, 2015

Pin My Place #2

It's Friday again!
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Hooray! It's time for "Pin" My Place:

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This week I gained inspiration from this pin:

PIN: How to Stop Folding Your Kids Laundry (and keep your sanity)
Laundry is a "dirty" word in my house ;)
Ok, so not really, but it is the bane of my existence. It never goes away, and finally when I think I'm caught up...I'm not. Somebody changes their clothes, or the day ends and all clothes go back into the dirty clothes hamper. But, I know I'm preaching to the choir. EVERYBODY has to do laundry. So, I'll stop complaining and explain why this "pin"spired me.

With my Depression the laundry was an overwhelming task for me. It was hard to get started and then when I'd start a load, I'd forget about it and then find it in there a day later and have to rewash everything and then because folding it was another "overwhelming" task for me it would end up in a pile that we'd all have to sort through to find what we needed.The whole thing was just frustrating and didn't make my depression and anxiety easier. So I knew I needed to make a change. 

After finding this pin and then reading what Sarah had done over at I had an idea for how to make the "laundry situation" better.

First I went through everybody's clothes (me and hubby's included) and simplified our clothing down to ONLY what we needed. Everybody was only wearing what they loved anyway (until they could't find what they wanted in "the pile") so we got rid of, or donated, the stuff that no longer fit, was stained, ripped, or just wasn't a fav. Then I got my pile of baskets together, my label maker and some fun scrapbook paper and started sorting and reorganizing.
Here are the before and afters'of the kids' closets

Each family member got their own laundry basket and then there are 2 shared laundry baskets for "Linens" and "Whites." 

Each Monday and Thursday morning I Shout "laundry day!" And everyone brings all the laundry baskets to the hallway by the laundry room. I then throw each persons laundry into it's own wash and dry cycle. When one batch has finished drying I quickly and nicely lay that person's clothes back into their laundry bin. After school each person puts their laundry away. I, of course, put away the baby's clothes and well as my own and my husbands, but the kids can easily access their clothes now and they enjoy putting it all away. And hey...I can't complain when there are happy helping kids in my home.

It's been 3 weeks since I organized and started our new laundry system. I happy to announce that the closets still look great and the new laundry system is working like magic. 

I think doing smaller, quicker loads, and knowing I have help, has made it easier for me to START--which was the hardest part for me before.

Thanks for the pin'spiration Sarah! I am definitely keeping my sanity!

What laundry system works for you and your family? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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