Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOME MATTERS: New Year's Mantra

So organization is KEY to my home running like a well oiled machine. However, with my health being as poor as it's been this last year and a half, things around the house have gone from good to bad really fast and things started looking like this:

SIDE NOTE: You're probably thinking "Oh, but you have things organized into baskets..."
 Oh no, there's NOOO organization going on in there! Those baskets are merely camouflaging
the mess within them.

So each day this past week I set a goal to organize one drawer, or one closet, and found that I was actually doing more than that.

Check out the AFTER of our linen/medicine closet (that's the "before" closet pictured above)

Those baskets are now actually serving a purpose AND they're labled! Huzzah! I am still gawking! I find myself walking down the hall, and opening the door to the linen closet just to look inside. I can almost here the "AWWWWWW" (or insert your own angels singing sound here) of the angels singing each time I open that door :) hahaha

So any-who, organizing is key. My goal for the new year is to get my house back in to "shape." This year's mantra is:

So that's what we're (I'm) doing. I'm simplifying--- we're going through EVERYTHING.   We're getting rid of the stuff that we don't absolutely LOVE. We are currently storing soooo many things that rarely get used or are not used at all. So we are pairing down to the necessities and the LOVE IT's only. We also hope to simplify our life (and bring my sanity back) by adding a mudroom equipped with a spot for our family calendar and a "mail box" for each family member to coral all those important school papers. I'm also simplifying the design and function of our home by taking down what decorations are just "there" and filling our home with the things that inspire us and have meaning to us.

We're organizing by making a schedule/routine for our daily lives, making job charts and health binders for each member of the family, and going through every drawer, cupboard, and closet, and beautifying, organizing, cleaning, and simplifying each space.

Folks, the vision I have in my head is just glorious! And if I can just make every piece of my home look like that closet...then my dreams will come true!

After all,

So "glorious" is what I shall work for!

-What organizing projects have you been working on?
-How have they improved the function of your home?

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