Thursday, January 22, 2015

FAMILY MATTERS: Kindness and Sweetness

My Sweet little girl got glasses yesterday evening!

She looks so adorable and she reminds me so much of myself even more because I used to wear glasses when I was little too. They make her look more grown up at times, but at other times make her seem younger. It's weird. But she is such a doll.

In her prayers lately she has been praying with a more respectful, whispered voice. It's almost hard to hear her speak. In each of her prayers she says, "Bless Mommy and her kindness and sweetness." Is that cute or what? I swoon every time and just about leap out of "prayer mode" to kiss her face. She has started to pray for others too and their "kindness and sweetness." I just love her cute little face!

I was so concerned that her friends would make comments of surprise when they saw her with glasses. Comments like, "why are you wearing glasses?" "You look different." "I like you better without glasses," none of which are horribly mean comments but they might diminish her excitement to wear her glasses.  When I picked her up from pre-school today I asked her what her teacher and friends thought, she said "my teacher liked them." I said, "What about your friends, did they say anything?" (holding my breath).
 She listed off about 4 names of her classmates and said they all told her they liked them. Sigh of relief.

Tonight when I pray I think I'll pray and thank Heavenly Father for their kindness and sweetness.

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  1. She looks GREAT!!! Me and my boy think glasses really suit her. :) Fun stuff!