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Hello family, friends, fellow bloggers, and modern-day moms. I’m Emily, home-maker and mother of three, and the wife to my very best friend. I had a few minutes before my little guy wakes up on this beautiful Thursday,  so I thought I'd share some thoughts I have about motherhood... So, all my growing up years all I wanted to do and to be was a mother. I was raised  by a wonderful mother and she inspired me.
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I loved to babysit for neighbors and I did that a lot growing up...and I enjoyed it. When I went to BYU I majored in Early Childhood Education and I loved it! I loved being with children, I loved teaching, and I wanted so badly to have children of my own. So after two and a half years of marriage we began our family.

pregnant with shelby

I wasn't too surprised by many things about being a mom, after all I'd helped around the house with my own two younger siblings and was frequently in charge of their care by changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and caring for them, it felt like second nature to me. However, what I was not prepared for was the constant "daily grind."
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Every day started to feel like the movie "Groundhog Day." Don't misunderstand me I loved (and still love) being with my babies.. . but I became bored with doing the same things every day.  The constant feeling of being needed by everyone all the time grew difficult and I was soon frustrated. As a mom you can never just say, "wooooh, I'm tired...I need a break" and then just take one, nope instead you just get to keep going. I quickly began to lose sight of who I was and what I was good at. I just was in "survival mode"...I didn't even see myself slowly falling apart. Being a mom is very hard work. It can be draining, frustrating, and emotionally and physically hard. There is a constant worry that comes with being a mom..."are they ok, are they eating/sleeping/drinking/talking/moving (..etc) enough?...are they happy? are they healthy?" and then when they're not, there's a lot of care that goes into taking care of someone who is sick or has a disability. 

Being a mom IS hard.

 It even seems harder now a days than it ever was...don't you think? Sure we don’t have to fetch water ourselves from the stream and walk up hill "both ways" to get it. And we don’t have to boil it to make it (mostly) sanitary. We don’t have to grow our own food or cook it over a hot stove all day because  we  have blessed microwaves/ovens, running water, toasters, computers, cars, airplanes, indoor heating and air conditioning that get the " job done" much faster, but still at the end of the day we’re just as exhausted as if we DID have to pull the wagon up the hill and cook 12 loaves of bread from scratch. Why?


Because being a mom and a wife in these modern days is a challenge. We’re pulled this way and that…so many things demanding our attention and time: There’s trying to provide mostly healthy meals for your family--because let’s face it the food out there is getting worse for us to eat; There’s all that homework that keeps coming home every day for every child--because they’re trying to get kids to know more faster; there’s all the laundry, dishes, and cleaning; there’s all the social media, internet, cell phones, and Pinterest distractions (yes, I’m obsessed too). There's the trying to teach our kids and keep them safe from drugs, alcohol, pornography and other mind and body destroying things  There’s all the extra curricular activities that we want our kids to excel in--because we’d rather they play soccer than sit in front of the Wii for one more hour; 

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there’s church service; home repairs; meal planning; grocery shopping; budget planning; bill paying; phone-call making; dr. visits (yet again); errand running; school volunteer work; (and if your’e like me) home projects and decorating; and there's all the quality time we want to spend with each child (and don’t forget your hubby too)…. and the list goes on and on. And somewhere in there we have to shower and get ready for the day and hopefully find some time to read a book, or paint our toes.


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The answer is…


We just have to do our best. Each day. And laugh off the things that don’t really matter.

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We learn to smile more and simplify our schedules so that we have more time together. So that when we’re old and gray and wrinkly  we can look back on our time when our kids were little—and our homes were constantly buzzing with sounds of laughter, and running, and noise—and say

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“that was the best time of our lives...."We didn't try to rush things, we slowed things down, we wore pajamas all day when we felt like, the kids played hard and long and we didn't clean up the toys because they wanted to play again the next day, we turned the TV off and danced in the kitchen. And life was grand.” 

And so, even though being a mom is hard, I'm so grateful that I AM a mom. I love my kids sooooo much. 
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They're the reason  I do what I do.

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They are what motivates me to get up from my knees-- after falling down to pray (yet again) crying that God will help me know what to do because I can’t do it anymore--and keep going.
So even though being a mom is draining, tiring, frustrating, difficult and plain. old. HARD... it's worth EVERY SECOND, EVERY TEAR, EVERY PRAYER....

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They are WORTH IT! 

I do it all for them...my sweet angel babies.

What are your feelings about motherhood?
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