Friday, January 30, 2015

Pin My Place #2

It's Friday again!
And.....Here's my Happy Friday Face :)

Hooray! It's time for "Pin" My Place:

(If you're new to my blog check here to find out what "Pin" My Place is)

This week I gained inspiration from this pin:

PIN: How to Stop Folding Your Kids Laundry (and keep your sanity)
Laundry is a "dirty" word in my house ;)
Ok, so not really, but it is the bane of my existence. It never goes away, and finally when I think I'm caught up...I'm not. Somebody changes their clothes, or the day ends and all clothes go back into the dirty clothes hamper. But, I know I'm preaching to the choir. EVERYBODY has to do laundry. So, I'll stop complaining and explain why this "pin"spired me.

With my Depression the laundry was an overwhelming task for me. It was hard to get started and then when I'd start a load, I'd forget about it and then find it in there a day later and have to rewash everything and then because folding it was another "overwhelming" task for me it would end up in a pile that we'd all have to sort through to find what we needed.The whole thing was just frustrating and didn't make my depression and anxiety easier. So I knew I needed to make a change. 

After finding this pin and then reading what Sarah had done over at I had an idea for how to make the "laundry situation" better.

First I went through everybody's clothes (me and hubby's included) and simplified our clothing down to ONLY what we needed. Everybody was only wearing what they loved anyway (until they could't find what they wanted in "the pile") so we got rid of, or donated, the stuff that no longer fit, was stained, ripped, or just wasn't a fav. Then I got my pile of baskets together, my label maker and some fun scrapbook paper and started sorting and reorganizing.
Here are the before and afters'of the kids' closets

Each family member got their own laundry basket and then there are 2 shared laundry baskets for "Linens" and "Whites." 

Each Monday and Thursday morning I Shout "laundry day!" And everyone brings all the laundry baskets to the hallway by the laundry room. I then throw each persons laundry into it's own wash and dry cycle. When one batch has finished drying I quickly and nicely lay that person's clothes back into their laundry bin. After school each person puts their laundry away. I, of course, put away the baby's clothes and well as my own and my husbands, but the kids can easily access their clothes now and they enjoy putting it all away. And hey...I can't complain when there are happy helping kids in my home.

It's been 3 weeks since I organized and started our new laundry system. I happy to announce that the closets still look great and the new laundry system is working like magic. 

I think doing smaller, quicker loads, and knowing I have help, has made it easier for me to START--which was the hardest part for me before.

Thanks for the pin'spiration Sarah! I am definitely keeping my sanity!

What laundry system works for you and your family? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HOME MATTERS: Too Many Things at Once

Here at our home we I set a bunch of goals about getting organized and making things both functional and beautiful...and then I began to tackle one project at a time. But, I found that quickly other piles were building up waiting for the next project, until finally I have like 5 REALY BIG projects going on all at once! So I'm really hoping no one stops by in the  next couple weeks because they will probably choke on their gasp when they see the inside of my home...yes it's crazy. truly. no I'm serious!

 I'll even prove it to you...

 (REMINDER: do not choke as you gasp...I'm not responsible for anybody've been fairly warned.)

Here is our mess:

AWWWWWWWW! I know right?! I'm trying to keep one eye closed as I walk around so I don't go crazy.

Some of the things we're working on are:
                    -a built in desk (but before we can do that we wanted to do
                            a wall treatment behind it).
                    -a wall treatment behind the built-in desk
                    -a built in reading nook in the play room closet
                    -tearing out the closet in the playroom to make room
                             for a reading nook
                    -building an lego/art center in the playroom
                    -painting a wall with chalkboard paint before we can
                              build in the lego/art center
                    -organizing/cleaning/going through/and getting rid of...
                              a bunch of stuff (hence the piles)
                    -putting more storage/shelving in the laundry room
                    -painting the laundry room

See, it's just CRAZY over here! Jake is helping me a lot, because although I love to use power tools, the garage is far from organized and I can't find ANYTHING. So he's got to be here to help, plus he is pretty smart and he thinks of things I wouldn't have thought of that make the project(s) run smoother and actually work out.

Here's a  "sneak peak" at the goodness happening in the upstairs hallway

I'm so excited! It will be so nice to make this home really feel like ours...and that's our real home GOAL this year: Making this house our HOME.
So even though there are WAY too many things going on at once over here, I am putting up with the "craziness" for a bit longer because I know what it's going to look and feel like when it's all done.

What projects have you done (or are doing) that make your house feel like a home?

Friday, January 23, 2015

"Pin" My Place #1

It's Friday! And it's time for "Pin My Place!"
What is "Pin" my Place?  you ask
Good question.

So, it's no secret that Pinterest is a happening place! I find myself dreaming up ideas and then trying to explain them to my Hubby and then lo and behold someone else dreamed up my same idea and posted it on Pinterest. So now, not only do I have PROOF that my ideas are not "sooo very crazy"-- because somebody else was daring enough to do it--but I have something visual to show my, very visual, husband.
I have pinned so many things on my boards on Pinterest but have yet to really do any of them. So this year as I writing my new goals (my organizational, home improvement, budgeting, parenting...etc goals) I jumped over onto my boards on Pinterest to remind myself of some of the very great ideas other people have done that have inspired me and thus led to me pinning their ideas.

 As I revisited these pins I realized I had forgotten many of these great ideas so I decided that each Friday, here on my blog, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite pin(s) for the week. Then not only will I post about them, but I will try to attempt some of them and show you my version. Thus, I will be using Pinterest pins to help me around my place. Hence, the title "Pin" My Place We'll see how it goes.
So on various Fridays throughout the year join me for "Pin" My Place!
If you want to do it along with me feel free to comment below and post some of your favorite pins. Or if you've done a pin(s) yourself I'd LOVE to see the ending results.

WHOA, that was a long explanation. Here goes....

This week I gained inspiration from this pin:

PIN #1: Organizing the Linen Closet
putting all your 'eggs' in a basket might be a good idea after all... (or in this case, your hand towels)

If you read my post about my new years mantra you know why this pin was an inspiration to me
I read here on iheart organizing what Jen's pharmacist friend Mellissa said about properly storing medicine:

Mellissa said: "Unfortunately medicine cabinets are not meant to store medicine!!!  I know, they are sized just right for those prescription bottles, so why wouldn’t you keep all of your medication together all nice and neat in your cabinet that is designed to hold medicine?  Because drugs need to be stored in an area where there is low humidity and stable temperature {room temp, never above 77 F} and I don’t know about you, but when I get out of the shower my mirror is foggy.  I wouldn’t even trust the fan in the bathroom.  Drugs will degrade over time and this is going to make them less effective, but storing them properly is key to getting them to keep their effectiveness until the expiration date on the bottle.  Storing them in the bathroom is like putting them through an accelerated degradation process and who wants to take a Tylenol that is only half effective?"\

 I too store my medicine in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. :) But, after reading this I decided to make some "medicinal" changes. So I went searching for pins. The above pin helped me come up with the idea to organize my meds into my hall linen closet.  So now my cute little medicine cabinet has now gone from:

 "unorganized mess of medicine" 

to a "cute nail polish station"

and my linen closet (now locked--so kids can't get in to it) is home to all the medicine properly stored in that clear over the door organizer so I can see them all. I purchased the over-the-door organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% off coupon I got in the mail. So to organize this closet, (I already had all the bins and baskets and contact paper) it cost me only the $12 and change for the over the door hanger. Not bad aye? Thanks Anna for the "Pin"spiration!

Ok! Well that wraps up the first "Pin" My Place.
Let me know what you think and I’d love to know what your favorite pins are that you've done/or are working on in your place.

p.s. Check back next Friday. I'll be posting about a pin that has helped me with our laundry situation :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

FAMILY MATTERS: Kindness and Sweetness

My Sweet little girl got glasses yesterday evening!

She looks so adorable and she reminds me so much of myself even more because I used to wear glasses when I was little too. They make her look more grown up at times, but at other times make her seem younger. It's weird. But she is such a doll.

In her prayers lately she has been praying with a more respectful, whispered voice. It's almost hard to hear her speak. In each of her prayers she says, "Bless Mommy and her kindness and sweetness." Is that cute or what? I swoon every time and just about leap out of "prayer mode" to kiss her face. She has started to pray for others too and their "kindness and sweetness." I just love her cute little face!

I was so concerned that her friends would make comments of surprise when they saw her with glasses. Comments like, "why are you wearing glasses?" "You look different." "I like you better without glasses," none of which are horribly mean comments but they might diminish her excitement to wear her glasses.  When I picked her up from pre-school today I asked her what her teacher and friends thought, she said "my teacher liked them." I said, "What about your friends, did they say anything?" (holding my breath).
 She listed off about 4 names of her classmates and said they all told her they liked them. Sigh of relief.

Tonight when I pray I think I'll pray and thank Heavenly Father for their kindness and sweetness.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOME MATTERS: New Year's Mantra

So organization is KEY to my home running like a well oiled machine. However, with my health being as poor as it's been this last year and a half, things around the house have gone from good to bad really fast and things started looking like this:

SIDE NOTE: You're probably thinking "Oh, but you have things organized into baskets..."
 Oh no, there's NOOO organization going on in there! Those baskets are merely camouflaging
the mess within them.

So each day this past week I set a goal to organize one drawer, or one closet, and found that I was actually doing more than that.

Check out the AFTER of our linen/medicine closet (that's the "before" closet pictured above)

Those baskets are now actually serving a purpose AND they're labled! Huzzah! I am still gawking! I find myself walking down the hall, and opening the door to the linen closet just to look inside. I can almost here the "AWWWWWW" (or insert your own angels singing sound here) of the angels singing each time I open that door :) hahaha

So any-who, organizing is key. My goal for the new year is to get my house back in to "shape." This year's mantra is:

So that's what we're (I'm) doing. I'm simplifying--- we're going through EVERYTHING.   We're getting rid of the stuff that we don't absolutely LOVE. We are currently storing soooo many things that rarely get used or are not used at all. So we are pairing down to the necessities and the LOVE IT's only. We also hope to simplify our life (and bring my sanity back) by adding a mudroom equipped with a spot for our family calendar and a "mail box" for each family member to coral all those important school papers. I'm also simplifying the design and function of our home by taking down what decorations are just "there" and filling our home with the things that inspire us and have meaning to us.

We're organizing by making a schedule/routine for our daily lives, making job charts and health binders for each member of the family, and going through every drawer, cupboard, and closet, and beautifying, organizing, cleaning, and simplifying each space.

Folks, the vision I have in my head is just glorious! And if I can just make every piece of my home look like that closet...then my dreams will come true!

After all,

So "glorious" is what I shall work for!

-What organizing projects have you been working on?
-How have they improved the function of your home?

Leave me a comment, or send me an email:


Hello family, friends, fellow bloggers, and modern-day moms. I’m Emily, home-maker and mother of three, and the wife to my very best friend. I had a few minutes before my little guy wakes up on this beautiful Thursday,  so I thought I'd share some thoughts I have about motherhood... So, all my growing up years all I wanted to do and to be was a mother. I was raised  by a wonderful mother and she inspired me.
my mom

I loved to babysit for neighbors and I did that a lot growing up...and I enjoyed it. When I went to BYU I majored in Early Childhood Education and I loved it! I loved being with children, I loved teaching, and I wanted so badly to have children of my own. So after two and a half years of marriage we began our family.

pregnant with shelby

I wasn't too surprised by many things about being a mom, after all I'd helped around the house with my own two younger siblings and was frequently in charge of their care by changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and caring for them, it felt like second nature to me. However, what I was not prepared for was the constant "daily grind."
baby Max 2013dave and jer pics 188
Every day started to feel like the movie "Groundhog Day." Don't misunderstand me I loved (and still love) being with my babies.. . but I became bored with doing the same things every day.  The constant feeling of being needed by everyone all the time grew difficult and I was soon frustrated. As a mom you can never just say, "wooooh, I'm tired...I need a break" and then just take one, nope instead you just get to keep going. I quickly began to lose sight of who I was and what I was good at. I just was in "survival mode"...I didn't even see myself slowly falling apart. Being a mom is very hard work. It can be draining, frustrating, and emotionally and physically hard. There is a constant worry that comes with being a mom..."are they ok, are they eating/sleeping/drinking/talking/moving (..etc) enough?...are they happy? are they healthy?" and then when they're not, there's a lot of care that goes into taking care of someone who is sick or has a disability. 

Being a mom IS hard.

 It even seems harder now a days than it ever was...don't you think? Sure we don’t have to fetch water ourselves from the stream and walk up hill "both ways" to get it. And we don’t have to boil it to make it (mostly) sanitary. We don’t have to grow our own food or cook it over a hot stove all day because  we  have blessed microwaves/ovens, running water, toasters, computers, cars, airplanes, indoor heating and air conditioning that get the " job done" much faster, but still at the end of the day we’re just as exhausted as if we DID have to pull the wagon up the hill and cook 12 loaves of bread from scratch. Why?


Because being a mom and a wife in these modern days is a challenge. We’re pulled this way and that…so many things demanding our attention and time: There’s trying to provide mostly healthy meals for your family--because let’s face it the food out there is getting worse for us to eat; There’s all that homework that keeps coming home every day for every child--because they’re trying to get kids to know more faster; there’s all the laundry, dishes, and cleaning; there’s all the social media, internet, cell phones, and Pinterest distractions (yes, I’m obsessed too). There's the trying to teach our kids and keep them safe from drugs, alcohol, pornography and other mind and body destroying things  There’s all the extra curricular activities that we want our kids to excel in--because we’d rather they play soccer than sit in front of the Wii for one more hour; 

Summer-Fall 2012 505

there’s church service; home repairs; meal planning; grocery shopping; budget planning; bill paying; phone-call making; dr. visits (yet again); errand running; school volunteer work; (and if your’e like me) home projects and decorating; and there's all the quality time we want to spend with each child (and don’t forget your hubby too)…. and the list goes on and on. And somewhere in there we have to shower and get ready for the day and hopefully find some time to read a book, or paint our toes.


Nov-Dec08 013

The answer is…


We just have to do our best. Each day. And laugh off the things that don’t really matter.

dirty house
We learn to smile more and simplify our schedules so that we have more time together. So that when we’re old and gray and wrinkly  we can look back on our time when our kids were little—and our homes were constantly buzzing with sounds of laughter, and running, and noise—and say

2014-11-03 12.21.04

“that was the best time of our lives...."We didn't try to rush things, we slowed things down, we wore pajamas all day when we felt like, the kids played hard and long and we didn't clean up the toys because they wanted to play again the next day, we turned the TV off and danced in the kitchen. And life was grand.” 

And so, even though being a mom is hard, I'm so grateful that I AM a mom. I love my kids sooooo much. 
Max collage

They're the reason  I do what I do.

shelby collage

They are what motivates me to get up from my knees-- after falling down to pray (yet again) crying that God will help me know what to do because I can’t do it anymore--and keep going.
So even though being a mom is draining, tiring, frustrating, difficult and plain. old. HARD... it's worth EVERY SECOND, EVERY TEAR, EVERY PRAYER....

james collage
They are WORTH IT! 

I do it all for sweet angel babies.

What are your feelings about motherhood?
Leave me a comment so I know you stopped by,

HOME MATTERS: Where are you Christmas

Well there's no question about where Christmas is at our house.
The day after Thanksgiving we (I mean my hubby) hauled box after box up from the crawl space.
Where I then began to unwrap and rediscover all the fun Christmas decorations.
Some brought with them memories...
...others brought to mind the people who had given me the Christmas d├ęcor.

I put on Christmas music and the kids tore open the box of Christmas movies and instantly decided on watching "The Polar Express" (it has played almost non-stop since).


It took nearly 2 days amidst keeping "M" out of everything and keeping the cat from undoing all Christmas Tree goodness (long frustrated mommy growl).
Hubby put up the Christmas lights--to his own displeasure--but he knew how badly I have wanted them on the house so he set to work to find the best ones and made sure they were exactly what I wanted.
Then he trekked out to Home Depot and purchased all he thought he would need to hang them "just right." (I love that man--it's never ceases to amaze me what a man-- who feels loved--will do for his woman--but that's a blog post for another day).
We got the awesome (used to be alive) wreaths from Home Depot for $5 (yes you heard me right) on Black Friday

...hubby hung those up too--Thanks Babe! (he stood in this superman pose for like a full minute even after I'd finished taking the picture...what a toad, even the neighbors saw, ha, ha--love that man)
So despite no snow due the strange (and lovely) warmer winter weather here in Utah, Christmas HAS arrived here at the Hammon Home.




Looking at the Christmas tree(s) makes me just want to snuggle all up with a mug of hot chocolate
(and if I could drink hot chocolate (on a new health diet) I WOULD be all snuggled up drinking hot chocolate right now).
When do you set up your tree? Do you decorate the same every year?
Send me your pictures at
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful new year!
We'll talk soon
p.s. sorry for the mostly bad photos, I am currently working on fixing my camera settings. But I HAD to get this posting up before Christmas. :)
Leave me a comment below so I know you stopped by, thanks